PTA Tax on iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro, introduced by Apple, is known for its cutting-edge technology and high-end features, including a triple-camera system, Super Retina XDR display, and the powerful A13 Bionic chip. As a premium device, it's a popular choice for tech enthusiasts in Pakistan.

PTA Tax on Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max in Pakistan

In Pakistan, owning a smartphone like the iPhone 11 Pro comes with additional costs due to taxes imposed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The PTA tax is part of the regulatory requirements for all mobile devices operating in Pakistan, ensuring they are registered within the country's telecommunication system.

For the iPhone 11 Pro, as of 2024, the PTA tax varies significantly based on the registration method—either with a Passport or a CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). Specifically, the tax amounts can be seen as follows:

  • PTA Tax on Passport: Approximately PKR 93,180.
  • PTA Tax on CNIC: Around PKR 115,148.
Model PTA Tax on Passport (CNIC) PTA Tax on CNIC (PKR)
Apple iPhone 11 67,308 86,689
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 93,180 115,148
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 96,860 119,196

Formula for Calculating PTA Tax

The formula to calculate the PTA tax is not explicitly published by the PTA, but it generally considers the device’s CIF value (Cost, Insurance, and Freight), incorporating factors like customs duty, sales tax, regulatory duty, and IT tax. The specific computation involves these components and adjusts according to the foreign exchange rate, which may affect the overall tax amount.

Factors Influencing PTA Tax

The tax rates are influenced by several factors, including the phone’s market value and the current taxation policies implemented by the government. For high-end devices like the iPhone 11 Pro, the tax is typically higher due to their greater CIF value. 


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